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Line Of Credit

A Line of Credit that businesses can depend on

Our line of credit gives your business access to the working capital it needs when it needs it the most.

What is a line of credit?

A line of credit is a flexible business financing option that allows quick access to a defined amount of working capital. The way it works is a business is approved for a set amount of credit and has access to that amount through a streamlined process which allows for quick and easy access to draw on the approved amount when needed. The full approved amount does not need to be drawn at one time, but rather you can choose to draw only the funds your business needs when needed up to the approved amount. Businesses are only responsible for repayment of the outstanding combined balance on the draws plus any interest or other fees that may be charged.

Fin Express Finance line of credit is extremely flexible and gives your business access to the working capital it needs whenever it needs it most. As mentioned in our financing solutions page, a business line of credit is ideal for repeat cash flows needs. This is a great option for obtaining working capital to pay for unexpected expenses or exciting new business opportunities. Fin Express Finance facilitates access to line of credit financing from $5,000 up to $250,000*. Best of all is that the amortization terms can vary from three to eighteen months and may reset every time capital is drawn from the account*. Payments on the outstanding line of credit balance may be made by either fixed daily, weekly, or monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from the business bank account on file*.

Application Process

1. Apply Online

2. Let us review

3. Get Funded

Lines of Credit allow access to funds when businesses need it the most.

All you need are 3 important things to apply.

1. Identity validation

2. Bank account number and routing

3. Last three months of business bank statements

Line of Credit with Fin Express Finance

Here at Fin Express Finance we are dedicated to the success of each of our clients. It’s simple; your success is our success. We make sure we provide your business with the resources it needs to come out on top.

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